Cathy Gallo began teaching Spanish in her native country, Peru, 20 years ago.  While living in the US, becoming a citizen and becoming a licensed teacher in our school system in 2001, Cathy realized an unmet need for consistent, fun and interactive classes beginning in pre-schools and continuing through elementary and middle school.  However, with budget cuts, shifting priorities and parents' time constraints -- there was a real need for an option to offer children Spanish classes in their schools.

Cathy decided to leave the school system and offer classes to schools and pre-schools that didn't have the budget and/or staff necessary to properly teach kids Spanish.  This allows parents to decide if they wanted to pay a little extra for high quality, consistent and fun Spanish classes at the schools their children are already attending.  As a result, schools don't increase their budgets; parents open amazing new doors for their children; and students have a great time learning something that can benefit them for the rest of their lives.

KIDSpanish Academy now offers a range of classes to pre-schools, elementary schools, and camps.  Additionally, partners are projected to be added throughout the country in 2012-2013 to offer KIDSpanish Academy in their cities and schools.